What can you do with Cofybox?

Cofybox is a smart tool that will help you achieve your energy goals (especially if like us you'd like to save energy and consume more renewables). It includes a smart box that will connect your home appliances to you and your cooperatives, so together you can get new things done:

  • Monitor your energy with the Mycofybox app
    The Cofybox app is your personal dashboard to monitor your energy consumption, production and the energy you may feed in the grid.
  • Consume when there is sun on your roof with improved self-consumption
    If you have a solar energy system, Cofybox can (gently) command your appliance to turn on when your solar PV system is producing.
  • Consume when your cooperative has energy with dynamic pricing
    Cofybox can also control your appliances so they turn on when it is best for your cooperative.
  • Get rewarded for supporting the grid with demand response
    Cofybox also cares about the grid! If allowed in your country,  Cofybox can help you participate in grid services and get your coop remunerated for stabilising the grid.

From your home to the grid, Cofybox helps energy cooperatives in implementing the energy transition!


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the grant agreement Nº893240